Dental Surgery

Cost of services
The cost of the operation is indicated without taking into account the cost of implants, components, bone plastic materials and type of anesthesia.
Doctor's consultation 400
Extraction of a single-rooted tooth 800
Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth 1100
Removal of wisdom tooth rudiments 3000 до 4500
Frenulum plasty of the lip, tongue 1500
Resection of the apex of 1 root 4500
Closing the recession from від 2500
Open retention tooth for orthodontic indications from від 1500
Implant placement (two-step protocol) from від 10000
Implant placement + temporary crown (one-step protocol) from від 12000
Placement of the gingiva former 1250
Raising the floor of the maxillary sinus (open sinus elevator) 12000
Bone grafting of the alveolar process (in the area of 1 tooth) from від 2000