surgery by a dental surgeon in Cherkassy at the Bagita Clinic

Dental surgery deals with a number of important tasks: tooth extraction, correction of defects, bone repair surgery, preparation for implants, and aesthetic surgeries.

The main task of a modern dental surgeon is to do everything to save each tooth, to preserve aesthetics, to ensure the full function of the upper, lower jaws.

Dental clinic "Bagita" - one in Cherkassy and the region, licensed to perform surgery under general anesthesia.

Subsections of dental surgery: purulent, oncologic, plastic. Each of them is characterized by a high level of antisepsis and asepsis, individual types of diagnostics, treatment peculiar only to this branch are used. The price of surgical treatment also varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. A dental surgeon can determine the exact cost of treatment after an examination at a consultation.

We provide services:

Preparing for dentures

When there is no attachment site for a removable denture. The dental surgeon performs a surgical expansion between the cheek and gum, and then an alveolar ridge graft is placed. With this technique, there are virtually no limitations to the placement of a denture.

patient with a jaw model in preparation for dentures by a dental surgeon

Tooth preservation with surgery

For us, tooth preservation is of paramount importance. That is why we use the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies. Modern techniques allow the dental surgeon to remove an infected area, such as cysts, without affecting and preserving healthy parts of the tooth as much as possible.

on photo dental instruments for dental surgeon in Cherkassy

Treatment of suppuration

Inflammatory processes cause: phlegmons, abscesses, maxillary sinusitis, periodontitis. The problem is eliminated by removing the focus of infection. Dental surgeon carefully cuts out the surrounding tissues that have been affected. All manipulations are carried out as accurately and painlessly as possible due to the use of modern technology and drugs.

pictured is a surgical instrument for dental treatment and tooth extraction

Quality dental implants

If tooth preservation is not possible, the dental surgeon will extract the affected tooth and implant an implant into the jaw. We carry out the implant procedure to the highest standard. This procedure is possible under general anesthesia. We use only dentures from trusted and certified manufacturers for fitting.

There are situations when a tooth was lost long ago and the bone has atrophied. In such a case, our specialists start by building up natural or artificial bone tissue first.

The photo shows a mock-up of an implant inserted into the jaw by a dental surgeon.

Some popular services of a dental surgeon today are:

  • Gingivoplasty (raising or lowering of the gum), which is often a birth defect or a consequence of orthodontic treatment.
  • Preparation for jaw surgery such as implants. If there is not enough bone tissue, our dental surgeons build up the bone with natural or artificial bone tissue.
  • A common service is the removal of the crown portion of the tooth for re-installation. We perform this procedure gently to preserve the foundation for the new crown.
All operations are performed by a dental surgeon - dentist. A specialist who has vast experience and high qualifications.