Dental Implantation in Cherkassy

Dental implant placement model at Bagita Dental Clinic

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Why us?

We find an approach to everyone

Our implantologists are qualified professionals with extensive clinical experience.

Implantation under general anesthesia

The implantation process at the Bagita Dental Clinic means safe, modern anesthesia, a team of experienced anesthesiologists and constant monitoring of your condition..

Treatment plan

We will draw up a treatment plan for you. We will show you the final result, allowing you to see the outcome of your treatment before it begins.

Our own dental laboratory

We have our own in-house dental laboratory on-site, allowing us to respond to our clients' needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Experience of more than 25 years

The staff of the Bagita Dental Clinic includes experienced orthopedists, implantologists and surgeons. Our specialists regularly attend advanced training courses, which allows them to use advanced technologies and diagnostic methods in their work.

We work with the best implants

The DIO system implants we use are supplied to 70 countries worldwide, and their high quality is confirmed by leading certification organizations: American FDA certificate, European CE certificate, as well as ISO 13485, GOST, KFDA and GMP.

Benefits of implantation

Modern dentistry has reached a high level of oral wellness - the ability to restore lost teeth with dental implants.

types of implants in Bagita dentistry implantation in Cherkassy

This technique has many advantages:

  • implants are just like your natural teeth;
  • are installed for life;
  • Implants are not afraid of hard food, just like natural teeth;
  • no neighboring teeth are affected by the implant;
  • dental implants do not require any special care;
  • beautiful facial aesthetics are preserved.

The surgical process is painless and takes place under local, sometimes general anesthesia. The patient quickly recovers upon completion, does not experience pain or discomfort. It is tolerated more easily than tooth extraction in a polyclinic. Installation of a single rod takes 1 hour.

Teeth are a part of the human body that is not capable of self-repair.

The loss of even one of them leads to serious consequences.


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Stages of implantation

1. Diagnosis and Planning. It is necessary to undergo a thorough examination of the body:

  • take pictures,
  • take tests,
  • learn about problems and peculiarities of the body condition.

The method of the surgical process is prescribed, and a plan for the implantation is drawn up.

2. Implant and abutment placement. Implantation takes place in three stages.

  • First: We implant a threaded fastener into the bone of the jaw and put on a temporary crown for 6 months.
  • Second: Open the implant, place a gum shaper for two weeks.
  • Third: Attach the abutment to the stem and secure the denture.

3. Postoperative phase. After the surgical implantation process, antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory, and an antihistamine are prescribed. Your task is to keep your mouth clean to prevent the formation of pathogenic bacteria.

You get quality implants from the world's best brands

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on the photo is an implant installed in the Bagita Dental Clinic in Cherkassy.

We employ qualified specialists in the field of implant implantation. Our extensive experience allows us to accomplish the task quickly and confidently.

In our work we use DIO system material, certified by the USA, European CE. It is supplied and used in 70 countries around the world.

Our equipment

Dental office for dental treatment and implant placement at Bagita Clinic in Cherkassy
photo of the dental office at the Bagita Clinic for implants in Cherkassy
photo of the dental office at the Bagita Clinic in Cherkassy for implantation and dental treatment

At the Bagita Dental Clinic, which has a special license, implantation under general anesthesia is performed in a separate, specially equipped operating room. In the operating room there are such devices as:

  • automatic blood pressure monitor,
  • pulse oximeter,
  • heart monitor,
  • anesthesia breathalyzer.

The Planmeca ProMax panoramic X-ray machine with cephalostat (SCARA-3) installed in the clinic is used to obtain panoramic and cephalometric images (TRG). It is the only one in Cherkassy region.

Remember that your health is only in your hands. For the body there are no trifles that can be forgotten!!! When going to the doctor ALWAYS inform him about diseases, ailments and intolerances of your body, because only in this case the specialist will be able to make the right balanced decision and treat you without jeopardizing.

Our clinic is the only private medical structure in Cherkassy region that has obtained a license package for the right to use general anesthesia in dental treatment (prosthetics, surgery, etc.) of adults and children. Painless and comfortable treatment is provided by the current program "Treatment in sleep".

Our working principles

  • Individual approach.

    In our clinic, we create a warm, family-like environment and surround our clients with our attention and kindness. The offices are equipped with modern and high-tech equipment, which allows us to make an accurate analysis for the placement of prostheses and implantation. Thanks to the qualification of our staff, we make an accurate analysis of the problem and provide the best plan for its solution.

  • Variety of dental services.

    We use only high-quality materials that have been proven in practice. We provide you with all types of dental treatment. We guarantee the quality of our work. The solution of complex symptoms is discussed by a consilium of doctors. Our extensive medical practice and modern approach to solving problems allow us to find the best treatment for you individually.

  • Highly hygienic procedures.

    100% guarantee against the entry of infections. The disinfection department performs procedures by regularly and thoroughly sterilizing all areas. For us, your safety is a priority! Therefore, we carry out regular sanitary control of the dental clinic in accordance with the hygienic requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

  • Aesthetics.

    Dental professionals will not only fix your problems, but also restore beauty to your teeth. We take everything into account: tooth functionality, gender, age, face shape, skin color. Artistic recreations of the oral cavity are made. We will choose a technique that maximizes the preservation of your teeth and soft tissues.

Bringing back a healthy smile is our goal!

What was considered a fantasy 5 years ago is now becoming a reality. Today, dental implantation is rapidly developing. The Bagita Dental Clinic performs dental implantation using the latest technologies and advanced techniques.

Implantation makes it possible to replace not only the crown of the tooth, but also its roots. The result of this treatment is a beautiful, flawless smile that is no different from natural teeth. The restored chewing function and aesthetic appearance of your teeth will return to you after implantation by our specialists. We guarantee you a problem-free procedure, treatment at the highest level and a successful smile!

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