Pediatric Dentistry

Dental treatment for a girl at the Bagita Dental Clinic in Cherkassy

Quality dental treatment for your child!

benefits of dental treatment at Baguita Dentistry

Unique approach to children

Forget the fear and tears! We help young clients adjust to treatment according to their unique needs.

Dental treatment at Bagita Dentistry in Cherkassy

Treatment according to international standards

We have taken the best of advances in pediatric dentistry: state-of-the-art equipment as well as safe examination and treatment methods.

diamond pattern as the global standard for dental treatment

We guarantee the quality of fillings

You don't have to worry about the longevity of fillings. Fillings placed at Baguita Dental Clinic on deciduous teeth will last until they are replaced by permanent teeth.

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Safety of X-rays

Children's dental x-rays are taken with minimal radiation exposure for their safety

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"NO" to outdated methods

Silvering of teeth, use of resorcinol-formalin, forcible restraint in the chair - these are outdated techniques that we do NOT use

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Dental treatment during sleep

Our experienced anesthesiologists provide safe anesthesia and carefully monitor the client's condition.

Pediatric dentistry services

The photo shows a child at the dentist's office getting his teeth treated

1. Diagnostics and prevention

  • Checking the condition of children's teeth Diagnosis begins with a professional dental examination. The dentist meticulously examines the deteriorating areas of the child's teeth. He speaks with the young patient, discusses the solution of the problem with his parents and collects the necessary information. For a more accurate examination, in some cases a hygienic procedure is performed to remove plaque from the surface of the teeth.
  • Early diagnosis of caries Thanks to modern equipment, digital diagnostics and qualified specialists are able to detect caries at a very early stage, which allows you to save the tooth as much as possible. To detect hidden caries, an additional examination using radiovisiographic equipment is used. When taking pictures, this device saves the images in electronic form. To treat the initial stage of caries we use the modern method without a drill - dental enamel remineralization.
  • Caries prevention in childrenIt is always better to prevent disease than to treat it. Early prevention of oral problems is a priority for our dentists. We can help keep your child's teeth healthy from the start.
Dental treatment for a child under general anesthesia in Cherkassy dentistry
  • Professional hygiene of children's teeth During this hygienic procedure, our specialist removes plaque and bacteria, especially in hard-to-reach areas and the cervical area. Thanks to high-quality hygienic cleaning, the development of the enamel takes place in a favorable environment. After the hygiene treatment we perform re-mineralization to strengthen the enamel. A specialist decides the frequency of the hygiene treatment based on the child's age, condition of the oral cavity and general health.
  • Teeth fluoridation and remedial therapyThe essence of the technology is to saturate the enamel with fluoride ions, which gives the child's teeth resistance to harm. At Baguita Dental Clinic, another innovative enamel strengthening procedure is performed - remotherapy. It involves enriching the tooth surface with additional elements: phosphorus, calcium and fluoride.
Dental fluoridation at Bagita Dental Clinic
  • Fissure sealing The chewing surface of the teeth has depressions, irregularities and a variety of cracks called fissures. After eating, food particles remain in them and cause decay. It is extremely difficult to remove plaque in the groove with a toothbrush. This leads to the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria that provoke tooth decay. At our dentistry we use an innovative technology of sealing the fissure walls of the tooth with dental silane, a protective dental material. This procedure improves the relief of the teeth and gives them strength, the teeth get extra protection, which significantly reduces the possibility of tooth decay.

2. Treatment of diseases of the teeth and gums

  • Adapting children to treatmentThe treatment program includes adaptation of the child to the treatment process. Our specialists find a special approach to young clients, taking into account their individual characteristics. Moreover, therapists improve their psychological skills in communicating and calming children down. They think through new ways of correcting a person's behavior in a particular case. photo shows a child at the dentist's office getting his teeth treated

    The experience of the doctors disposes of children who were difficult to keep in the chair. Dentists are well aware of the subtleties of a child's fragile psyche and create an atmosphere of trust. Before the appointment, the specialist meets the child in person, introduces himself or herself, finds something in common, establishes a relationship of trust. He or she invites the child to the office, where he or she gets acquainted with the dental equipment and explains how it works.

  • Treatment of caries of milk teeth   The dentist carefully examines the child's problem tooth and suggests the best treatment! Do not delay visiting the dentist, because without proper treatment, the entire tooth row may be affected.
    ! Parents, keep your child's oral health under control and take drastic measures, because untimely treatment leads to a series of serious consequences, sometimes even for life.
  • Treatment of pulpitis of milk teeth We treat neglected dental conditions that are caused by pulpitis. It is a volumetric development of decay, which spreads to the vascular system and nerve fibers of the tooth, causing inflammation. This condition occurs most often in children in their early teens because baby teeth have a thin layer of protective enamel and are susceptible to infection. In the photo, the dentist explains how he will treat a child's pulpitis

    We apply innovative technologies in the treatment of teeth. Removal of pulpitis begins with a detailed study of the condition of the vascular fibers and the degree of their neglect. The information gathered is processed and a decision is made on the treatment methods.

  • Dental treatment for children under anesthesia For a painless treatment procedure, our specialists use pediatric anesthesia, which is different from adult anesthetics. The drugs refer to hypnotic agents, as their use is able to put a person into sleep. The effect on the child's body is absolutely safe! It does not cause allergic reactions, is well tolerated and excreted by the body, and is not addictive. It can be administered to patients suffering from epilepsy, liver disease, who have heart defects, cerebral palsy. The chemicals that make up the anesthetic are easily controlled, allowing you to regulate the moment of awakening. The anesthetic agent complies with all European parameters of the standard of the Ministry of Health. Read more about the dental treatment procedure under general anesthesia here.
Dental treatment for children under general anesthesia at Bagita Dental Clinic
  • Filling of milk teeth  Our specialists use special preparations containing calcium and fluoride. All fillings have a quality certificate and a long service guarantee. The medical staff is always professional in their work. We guarantee the quality of work and a sensitive approach to each little client.
  • Treatment of periodontitis in children One third of pediatric patients have one of the common complications of dental caries - periodontitis. This disease develops if pulpitis treatment is not started in time or the filling of the root canal was done poorly.
    At Baguita Dental Clinic, the treatment of deciduous teeth for this condition is done under general anesthesia. This is necessary for free access to deep penetration of the nerve endings and quality treatment.

    All measures are taken to save the tooth, as this can cause a number of complications: disturbed bite, interferes with the growth of the permanent tooth, the dissolution of its rudiment.

  • Treatment of dental and gum injuries in children If you have an injury to your tooth, you need to see a dentist right away! The first thing we will do is schedule an X-ray to determine the severity of the injury, how much of the root is affected, and whether the tissue near the tooth is compromised. A CT scan will give you an accurate picture that shows the actual situation. After that, specialists will choose the right treatment.
  • Treatment of stomatitis in children If you notice that the child refuses to eat, is naughty, has a fever up to 38.0C, discomfort or pain in the mouth, small ulcers on the cheeks, palate, tongue - this is a sign of stomatitis. The photo shows stomatitis in the child's mouth

    A baby's delicate and thin oral mucosa is easily traumatized. His immune system is not yet strong enough to easily cope with an infection in the mouth. Therefore, at the first signs of stomatitis you should seek help.

    Our specialists will recommend special wound healing agents, ointments, gels, water solutions that will help to cope with this problem.

  • Pediatric Surgery Your child's first visit to the dentist lays the groundwork for his or her attitude toward treatment at the dentist. Therefore, it is extremely important not to build up anxiety and excitement by suggesting that this is something awful. Our specialist will do everything necessary to prepare your child for the procedure and reassure him or her. pictured dental instrument for surgical treatment of teeth at Baguita Clinic

    As specialists, they take into account that any surgical intervention in the human body, causes unpleasant associations and even panic. The qualified doctors of our dentistry are well aware of the peculiarities of children's psyche and will be able to create a comfortable environment for their emotional state. Children's dental office has a specially designed design that is conducive to cooperation and peace of mind.

  • Removal of deciduous teeth in children The procedure of extracting a child's deciduous teeth is a bit different from that of an adult. Specialists at Baguita Dental Clinic take this procedure particularly seriously. Hasty extraction of a child's tooth can cause atrophy in the jaw socket and contribute to the formation of a bone scar. Our dentists are immensely qualified to work on treating and extracting children's teeth. This ensures a safe approach to the case, since one careless move can cause damage to the rudiments of permanent teeth.
  • Safe dental treatment for children who are allergic Nowadays, more and more young children are suffering from intolerance reactions to food, pharmacology, and household chemicals. Some do not tolerate anesthesia well, it causes side effects. Not all dentists undertake to treat such patients.
    Baguita Dental Clinic performs dental procedures with allergic children under local anesthesia. A competent doctor in this area performs a thorough analysis of skin samples and conducts provocative tests aimed at detecting a response. This approach will show the chemical state of the body to medical drugs in much greater depth.

    We provide dental treatment for children with:

    severe bronchial asthma;
    food allergies;
    intolerance to certain medications;
    with urticaria.

  • Braces for children Braces are used to correct your teeth and bite. They are attached with orthodontic glue on the surface of the teeth or on the inside. The use of such a bracket allows you to:

    prevent temporomandibular joint disease,
    gum disease,
    rapid tooth decay,
    respiratory problems.

    We put braces on children from 12 to 15 years of age, when the transition from a milk bite to a permanent bite occurs. This construction affects the facial muscles and forms bone tissue. In children this process is much easier. We use metal, plastic, ceramic, lingual briquettes. You will get a perfectly straight smile for your child.

  • Caries treatment without pain Painless removal of tooth decay is especially necessary in extreme situations. Pregnancy is such a case. The fetus should not feel the painful fear of the mother - it can disturb its physiological and psychological development. We offer a new service in the treatment of teeth with a special apparatus "Sandman Futura" in a painless way, without any pain. Under pressure, fine sand and compressed air clean the infected tissue without affecting the rest of the tooth. Advantages of this method:

Anesthesia is not necessary;
several sites are treated in one session;
silent process, no smell and no vibration.

на фото стоматологический инструмент для хирургического лечения зубов в клинике Багита

A child's smile and laughter is purity and joy, tenderness and affection, kindness and trust.

There is probably no one and nothing purer than a child's joy.

— We give a beautiful smile to your children

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Before your visit to the dentist

Good communication between parents and children is important in dental treatment. This requires psychological preparation so that the child is attuned to the dental procedures. Not only the success of the treatment depends on this, but also the preservation of emotional balance after the visit to the office. He or she will not have phobias before subsequent visits to the dentist.

  • How to prepare a child?

  • First, tell him that the child will meet a new person, he wants to get to know him and become his friend.
  • Let someone who could best influence your baby's thinking have a conversation with him or her. Speak softly, persuasively, with gentle eye contact.
  • Name the doctor, describe his virtues, his voice. Children's imagination has power and gives confidence.
  • Have the conversation no more than two days before the visit. This will save what was said and others will not have time to intimidate him with various "horror stories".
  • Do not talk about the painful feelings he may be experiencing. This will undermine his emotional state, as the child's psyche is prone to exaggeration.
  • Take his favorite toy to wait for him after his visit to the office, and then the baby will tell him what was there.

Our equipment

For our little patients, we can offer a special treatment that will turn a visit to the dentist into a real changeover:

  • In a specialized pediatric office, we actively use a microabrasive machine “Sandman Futura” for preparing cavities (treatment without a drill). This method helps you treat your child's teeth without fear.
  • For the treatment of deciduous teeth we use modern filling material “Twinky Star”. Brightly colored fillings turn treatment into a game. The material releases fluoride ions, which helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Our clinic is the only one in Cherkasy and the region that has all the special licenses for dental treatment under general anesthesia. The operation is carried out in a specially equipped, separate operating room.
  • All tools and furniture are designed specifically for children, for their comfort.
photo of children's dental office in the clinic Bagita in Cherkassy

Our main goal is a healthy smile!

In these times of progress, the demands on medical services are unusually high. Baguita Dental Clinic always follows innovations in order to provide professional services.

Your baby's healthy smile and comfort is our main goal. We not only look after the oral health of our little clients, but we also help them create a good attitude toward doctors. A parent's attitude, a child's trust, and our state-of-the-art treatment techniques will give your child healthy teeth for life!

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