Orthopedic dentistry

Cost of services
The cost of the operation is indicated without taking into account the cost of implants, components, bone plastic materials and type of anesthesia.
WAX UP (wax modeling) per unit from 400
One-piece pin inlay from 2000
Temporary dental crown from 1800
Temporary implant-supported crown from 2200
Metal crown (one-piece) from 2200
Metal-ceramic crown from 6400
Metal-ceramic crown on implant from 7400
Zirconium oxide crowns from 10000
Zirconium oxide crown on implant from 8800
Veneers from 12000
Removable prosthetics
Vertex microprosthesis from 3900
Removable Vetrex denture from 10000
Clip-on prosthesis (full-molded) from 14000