Orthodontic treatment - prices

Cost of services
The cost of the operation is indicated without taking into account the cost of implants, components, bone plastic materials and type of anesthesia.
Planned inspection 300
Single jaw orthodontic plate 5500
Double jaw orthodontic appliance, monobloc 10000
Plastic joint mouth guard (splint) from 6000
Plate activation 550
Record repair, apparatus repair 1000
Bracket system 2x4 metal 7000
Metal bracket system for one jaw Rooth mini from 17000
Sapphire bracket system for one jaw from 25000
Spase maker place holding apparatus 1800
Palatine, lingual bunion 4000
Non-unit orthodontic appliances (individual) from 3000
Facial arch + cervical, head traction (course of treatment) 7000
Face mask + RME 6000
Fixation of the apparatus from 400
Activation of bracket systems 2x4 500
Bracket correction 1 jaw from 700
Arc with loops (individual) 700
Arc with multy l-loop 800
Fixing, changing additional elements from 300
Removal of bracket system 2 x 4 600
Removal of braces from 2 jaws 2400
Retention mouth guard 1000
Removable retention 6000