Aesthetic dentistry

photo of a girl with a smile after aesthetic dental treatment in Bagita dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is mainly aimed at restoring the color and shape of teeth, improving the beauty of the smile. The Bagita Dental Clinic is equipped with everything necessary to effectively solve these problems.

Today, aesthetic dentistry is an art with which you can create a perfect smile. Modern technologies, materials  for dental restoration and the professionalism of our doctors make it possible to achieve this.

Dental materials used in our dentistry, have a structure that replicates tooth tissue in terms of strength and functionality, and alsoA unique palette of colors to recreate any individual tooth's natural beauty.

Why is aesthetic dentistry necessary?

Aesthetic dentistry is necessary because it is rare for anyone to boast of naturally beautiful and straight teeth. In addition, the appearance of a person's teeth changes with age. Cracks, dark spots, and chips appear on their enamel. Teeth can also change their inclination, which requires correction and restoration.

People who have dental problems are often embarrassed to smile or open their mouths. This negatively affects their self-esteem and communication with others.

photo of tooth restoration at Bagita Dental Clinic

Nowadays, aesthetic dentistry is developing at a very fast pace and can solve almost any problem. Aesthetic services are painless, and the positive result will not make you wait long.

We can help you in solving such problems:

  • Tooth discoloration as a result of poor quality dental treatment;
  • Improper bite, misalignment of teeth;
  • Presence of cracks, stains, chips on the enamel surface;
  • Congenital anomalies and dental defects;
  • Demineralization of tissues after bite correction;

      What does cosmetic dentistry offer?

Modern aesthetic dentistry is a set of services aimed at correcting the bite, alignment and restoration of teeth.

1. Braces

One of the most time-consuming stages of treatment, is the correction of the bite. The teeth are fitted with braces. They are the elements that hold the arc in place.

on the photo smile with sapphire braces in aesthetic dentistry in Cherkassy

The bracket system puts constant pressure on the teeth and helps to align them. It must be worn for a long period of time and cannot be interrupted. Due to the fact that modern braces are made almost invisible, it helps to alleviate discomfort. A course of treatment with  braces will make your smile even and attractive.

2. Direct tooth restoration

It is performed using a light-curing composite with ceramic particles. The bonding technique is used - layer-by-layer application of the composite light-cured material to the problem areas of the tooth. This procedure provides an opportunity to solve   functional and aesthetic problems at the same time. Our specialist will fill in missing tooth parts so that the restoration will be indistinguishable from natural enamel in appearance.

Our professionals know how to customize color, saturation and transparency for each patient with the utmost precision.

Before and after dental restoration at Bagita Dental Clinic in Cherkassy

Bonding is used in case of carious lesions. It allows you to change the length, width of the tooth. This procedure also creates a protective coating when part of the tooth root is exposed. After the restoration, the surface of your new tooth will be indistinguishable from your natural tooth. Restorations differ from fillings precisely because they have not only therapeutic but also aesthetic purposes.

The restored teeth function like real teeth. The restoration is completed with contouring, which is the grinding and polishing of the teeth. This allows you to refine their shape.

3. Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges have long been used to restore decayed teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, metal-free structures are used. In this case, it is possible to achieve maximum similarity to natural teeth.

photo of bridges at Bagita Dental Clinic

Crowns and bridges are fixed with modern adhesive materials to ensure the durability of the restoration. Most importantly, after the restoration procedure, you will not feel the sensation of a foreign body in your mouth.

4. Veneers

The main alternative to crowns on front teeth today is veneers. Currently, they are very thin translucent ceramic onlays. Veneers are very popular, especially with celebrities.

Veneers provide a very effective way to restore the appearance of teeth in the shortest amount of time.

The procedure of tooth treatment for veneers is painless. Gentle preparation allows you to keep the tooth alive. 

Almost instantly, the spoiled front teeth will become perfectly white and straight. In this case, the specialist reinforces the onlays on the tooth surface using special techniques.

photo of veneers for tooth restoration at Bagita Dental Clinic

The tooth does not suffer, the veneers even protect it from damage. Veneers can be Hollywood and classic veneers. The first group is designed mainly for visual effect. They are a petal-shaped onlay that covers the tooth only from the front. The second group are functional full onlays.

These types of veneers are practically unaffected by tea, coffee and tobacco.

Why come to us?

  • The Bagita Dental Clinic employs specialists trained in VieSID (Austria). They use advanced, effective methods of treatment and reconstruction of teeth. We do not rest on our laurels and closely monitor the latest achievements in the field of aesthetic dentistry. We constantly improve our knowledge and skills.
  • We have at our disposal modern equipment from the world's best manufacturers. Thanks to this, we are able to provide high-quality, accurate and most comfortable treatment for our patients.
  •  European level of service. We take a personalized approach to each patient. Our specialists take seriously the wishes and needs of their patients. We will solve any dental problems quickly, safely and painlessly.
Make an appointment for a consultation and our specialists will answer all your questions. We will individually select the best treatment and restoration method for you.