General anesthesia

photo of the dental surgeon's office at the Bagita Dental Clinic

Dental treatment with general anesthesia

When we go to the dentist, we want the treatment to be of high quality, painless and as fast as possible. Anesthesia (treatment in sleep) can help us with this:

  • Qualitatively perform manipulations in one visit;
  • The patient is not stressed;
  • Salivation decreases and more work can be accomplished;

A healthy person without serious physiological abnormalities tolerates general anesthesia well.

нa photo of a tooth model and a dental instrument for dental treatment under general anesthesia

What are the advantages of general anesthesia?

1. Safe and painless

No pain during dental treatment! The safety of the procedure is guaranteed! The anesthesiologist controls the dosage of the anesthetic drug administered. Overdose is categorically excluded! During the procedure, the specialist monitors the patient's condition.

At the end of dental treatment and the effect of general anesthesia, the body functions recover within 40 minutes, after which the patient can leave on his own.

2. Control of manipulation performance

In some cases, the disease is pandemic in nature, in which several teeth are infected. Thanks to general anesthesia, several units of teeth, sometimes up to ten, can be treated or extracted at the same time in one visit!

You can't give a person who's shaking in the chair a good dental treatment.

The fact that our people have very bad teeth is largely due to the fact that full anesthesia (i.e. general anesthesia) has only recently arrived in dentistry.

— Treschynsky, Anatoliy Ivanovich - Chief Anesthesiologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, President of the Association of Anesthesiologists of Ukraine

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When general anesthesia is necessary

  • Insensitivity to local anesthesia;
  • The need for multiple dental procedures in the oral cavity;
  • Problematic deep root of several units of teeth;
  • A severe form of the disease;
  • Severe damage to hard gum tissue;
  • Implantation or prosthetics
  • Surgical intervention to the jaw bones to the jaw bones

General anesthesia at Bagita Dental Clinic

Our anesthesiologists have high medical qualifications and vast experience. They apply a differentiated approach to the choice of anesthesia. Overdose of the amount of anesthesia is categorically excluded!
Mandatory monitoring of vital signs is performed during the procedure.
30 to 40 minutes after the procedure, the patient can go home on his or her own.

Equipment for dental treatment under general anesthesia

photo of a device for general anesthesia in dentistry in Cherkassy

Dental clinic "Bagita" in Cherkassy has a special license for the use of general anesthesia in dentistry. Dental treatment under general anesthesia is carried out in a separate, specially equipped operating room.

In the operating room are apparatuses such as:

  • automatic blood pressure monitor
  • pulse oximeter
  • heart monitor
  • anesthesia breathalyzer

The performance of these machines is monitored by a team of anesthesiologists and all changes are instantly recorded. Remember that your health is only in your hands. There are no little things for the body to forget about.

!!! Applying to the doctor always make him aware of diseases, ailments and intolerances of your body, because only in this case, the specialist will be able to make the right informed decision and treat you without jeopardizing the danger.

Our working principles

  • Individual approach.In our clinic, the doctors create a family atmosphere, dispose clients with their attention and kindness. The offices are equipped with modern and high-tech equipment that allows for accurate analysis. Qualified specialists will provide you with an accurate diagnosis of the problem and choose the best plan for its solution.
  • Variety of dental services. We use only high quality materials that have been proven in practice. We provide our clients with any dental treatment services, with a mandatory guarantee.

    The solution of complex symptoms is discussed by a consilium of doctors. Thanks to our vast medical experience and joint efforts, we choose the best approach to solve problems.

  • Highly hygienic procedures.100% guarantee against infections. Regular, thorough sterilization of all instruments and premises, use of disposable devices, regular sanitary control of the dental clinic. Disinfection department performs all procedures in accordance with the hygienic requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • Aesthetics.Dental specialists try not only to correct your problems, but also to make your teeth beautiful. They take into account: tooth functionality, gender, age, face shape, skin color. The oral cavity is artistically recreated. A technique is chosen that maximizes the preservation of the teeth and soft tissues.

    We guarantee that we will do everything we can to cure and prevent future disease.

General anesthesia is a saving of time, nerves, and energy.

Instead of multiple visits to the dentist, one dental visit after which you get up and walk out with your teeth fixed.

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