Orthodontics — this is the correction of your bite using a bracket system. We offer a full range of orthodontic dentistry services to create the perfect smile.

What are our advantages?

photo is a drawing of a bite correction tooth with an orthodontist

Counseling for all age categories.

A skilled conversation with an orthodontist is an important step in successful treatment. We have a staff of professional orthodontic dentists with a proven track record. We provide services in pediatric and adult orthodontics.

orthodontist's bite correction tooth drawing in the photo

Detailed comprehensive examination of patients.

The multifaceted investigation of the cause of a malocclusion or disease allows us to arrive at a precise understanding of its treatment: indications from radiology, teleradiography, and control models. Our approach is thorough!

photo of a tooth in braces for bite alignment with an orthodontist

Correcting the position of clenched teeth.

In this area, the orthodontist will help people of all ages. For this purpose, the following are used: functional appliances, fixed internal, in combination with a bracket system, micro-implants.

Quality fitting of dentures for deformed teeth

The procedure of denture fitting is used in case of deformity of the tooth rows. Dental installation aligns the inclination of the bones in the correct position and fixes their growth. The orthodontist does his work qualitatively and professionally.

Disturbance of the functional functioning of the temporal, mandibular joint.

Deviation of the coherent work of the bite leads to physiological changes in the face, causes discomfort, complexes, digestive disorders. An orthodontist and gnathologist will perform a comprehensive checkup and choose the best option for bite correction.

Regular oral hygiene in orthodontic treatment.

The use of a dental arch aligner implies careful oral hygiene. Therapeutic cleaning should be performed every 6 months. This will prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Who is an orthodontist?

All orthodontists are dentists, but only 5% of dentists are orthodontists. A subspecialty of dentistry, an orthodontist diagnoses, treats, and makes prevention of dento-mandibular disorders. An orthodontist corrects incorrect bite of teeth and mismatches in the arrangement of the tooth row. The process of correction is long, but the result is durable.

on the photo orthodontic plates for bite correction in Cherkassy orthodontist in clinic Bagita

Our Orthodontists

Orthodontist in Cherkassy Bagita Kovaleva Olga Anatolyevna

Olga Anatolyevna Kovaleva

Orthodontist, Dentist — Doctor of the first category.
more than 10 years of experience - thousands of happy smiles

  • Education

    Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, Faculty of Dentistry, Poltava, Ukraine. (2007);

    Internship at the National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets, specializing in General Dentistry, Kiev (2009).

  • Courses

    Korean Orthodontic Research Institute specializing in orthodontics, Seoul, South Korea;

    Practical course on the basis of orthodontic clinic prof. II-Bong Kim (Seoul, South Korea) and Dr. Kim Jae Goo (Gangneung);

    orthodontic specialization.

  • Participation in associations

    Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine;

    Tweed fundation.

Orthodontist in Cherkassy Bagita Shved Karina Igorevna

Karina Ihorivna Shved

Dentist orthodontist, child therapist, therapeutic dentist.
Experience: 8 years

  • Education

    Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, Faculty of Dentistry, Poltava, Ukraine. (2015);

    Internship at the National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets, specializing in General Dentistry, Kiev. (2017).

  • Courses

    Korean Orthodontic Research Institute specializing in orthodontics, Seoul, South Korea;

    Practical course on the basis of orthodontic clinic prof. II-Bong Kim (Seoul, South Korea) and Dr. Kim Jae Goo (Gangneung).;

    specializing in orthodontics.

  • Participation in associations

    Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine;

    Tweed fundation.

A smile is the curve that straightens everything.

It takes a little to bring a smile and enough of a smile to make anything possible.


Stages of braces treatment

on the photo correction of malocclusion before and after treatment with an orthodontist in Bagita Dentistry

1. Consultation

It is necessary for a preliminary assessment of your situation and a bite correction plan after the initial examination. The consultation is an in-depth conversation with detailed explanations and computer demonstrations of similar treatment examples. You will receive answers to all your questions.

The duration of an orthodontic consultation is usually about half an hour. It is not necessary to make a decision about treatment and braces at this visit, if you need to think about it, it is normal.

2. Diagnostics

This visit takes place after the consultation to get all the detailed information about your bite situation and to plan further actions of the orthodontist. World standards suggest the following diagnostic data for braces treatment:

  • special X-ray снимка (ортопантомограмма, телерентгенограмма),
  • facial and dental photographs,
  • impressions and diagnostic plaster models of dentition.

This visit will take approximately half an hour for you. Then all the data is analyzed (without you) and an optimal treatment and braces plan is drawn up. Naturally, we discuss it with you. This is the focus of the next visit.

3. Discussing a treatment plan

Agreeing with you on your upcoming treatment plan, exact cost, duration, goals, type of braces (lingual, mettalic, ceramic). Signing the treatment plan.

4. Braces installation

This is probably the most important stage of treatment. The more precisely the braces are glued and the brace system is fitted, the straighter your teeth will be at the end of treatment. Modern braces have special features in their design that make them unique to that particular tooth. They are not just pieces of metal (plastic, sapphire). They are very complex and precise orthodontic appliances in which the position of the teeth is "programmed" in three planes of space.

“ In my work, I use only the best braces from recognized world leaders in this field. Only when the bracket is absolutely correctly positioned on the tooth, its "program" will work correctly. It may seem surprising to you, but even if you make a quarter of a millimeter mistake when fixing the braces, the teeth may already be misaligned as a result of the treatment. This is why the process of fitting braces is quite a painstaking endeavor”.

Internal braces are fitted in what is known as the "indirect method". This means that the braces are first glued onto a plaster model of the teeth and then transferred to the teeth in the mouth using a silicone mouth guard. This makes the process quicker for the patient, as most of the work is done with the plaster model. At the same time, the accuracy of fixation is significantly higher.

installation of braces indirectly by an orthodontist using a plaster model of the jaw

There is no need to be afraid, the process of fitting braces is completely painless. They are glued on a special adhesive, similar to the material used for modern dental fillings. The surface of the teeth is not damaged in any way. When fixing braces, it is essential that your teeth remain dry. Therefore, it will be easier for us if you eat well before your braces are fitted. A hungry person always salivates more than a well-fed person.

5. Tooth alignment

Of course, first and foremost, you would want to get straight teeth from your treatment. That's where we start. In the first few months of treatment, you will see noticeable progress in the alignment of your teeth. They will become flatter and flatter. How does this happen?

Moving teeth into the correct positions is accomplished with the help of orthodontic arches, which are thin wires that are inserted into the braces. These wires are made of special alloys of nickel and titanium. Once inserted into the braces, the arch has to bend according to the uneven position of the teeth. However, because orthodontic arches have "shape memory" (i.e. they always tend to return to their initial flat state), a constant weak force causes the teeth to move in the correct direction.

« In our work we use high-tech arcs at the moment - nickel titanium arcs with copper added by Ormco (USA). These arcs have demonstrated very good stability, shape memory and strength in most independent studies »

While in the past the doctor had to change or adjust the arch every 3 weeks, now, using the latest advances in orthodontic alloy technology, a single arch can last from 2 to 5 months or more, depending on the situation. Therefore, we can extend the intervals between your orthodontic visits to 2-2.5 months without compromising the effectiveness of treatment.

bracket system installed to correct the bite by an orthodontist

Current scientific evidence suggests that the best tooth movement is achieved by maintaining weak, constant forces without frequent activation of the system. In order for teeth to move at maximum speed, weak constant forces must be applied to the teeth.

In order for the level of force to be optimal, the arches will be varied, starting with very thin ones and gradually moving to thicker ones as the position of the teeth improves.

This means that during the first phase of treatment, you will have your arc changed on average once every 2-3 months.
Each time your teeth will be sore for 2-3 days, sometimes up to a week, after the arch is replaced.

on the photo braces installed at the orthodontist with an orthodontic arch for bite correction

Another important point regarding the alignment of the teeth:

In the first few months of treatment, you will see quite rapid and obvious changes as the gross misalignments of the teeth will be corrected. However, in the second half of the alignment phase, there will be less obvious changes, mainly concerning changes in the position of the roots of the teeth.

This is due to the fact that full alignment of the teeth occurs only after normalization of the inclinations of the teeth and their roots. These inclinations may not be noticeable to a layperson, but they are important for the quality of the result.

To fully align the teeth we have to go through a certain sequence of arches.

Please be patient and realize that the absence of visible big changes does not mean that "nothing is happening". Treatment is moving forward, it is just that you have started the "underwater part of the iceberg", which is not very visible to you, but is no less important.


  • The alignment phase is always the first and mandatory stage of treatment. It lasts from 8 to 12 months or more depending on the situation.
  • The teeth will be aligned by special wire arches, which we will change from weaker to stronger ones.
  • The average interval between orthodontic visits at this stage is 2 months.
  • After changing arches, teeth will be sore for 2-3 days, sometimes up to a week.
  • The first few months will correct severe irregularities in the position of teeth that are clearly visible to you.
  • In the second half of this stage, the roots of the teeth will be aligned, which is also very important.
  • During the alignment process, we may need to re-glue some braces to achieve optimal positioning of the teeth in the future.
  • Please don't ask us after your teeth are visibly aligned, "When is it time to take your braces off?" )). We agreed with you when planning your treatment and remind you now that teeth alignment is only one of the stages of treatment and we have a lot of work ahead of us. So be patient, time will fly by quickly!

6. Bite correction

Now that your teeth are aligned, the bite correction phase begins. It may take just a little while if your bite is quite normal. However, if you have a severe bite disorder, this stage can be quite long, taking up to two years. Why can't we correct the bite at once or together with teeth alignment?

Although partial bite correction is done together with teeth alignment already in the first stage. However, a more serious bite correction is not about individual teeth, but about the entire dentition (jaw).

on the photo a bracket system installed at the orthodontist to correct the bite

So-called "hard" arches are used for this treatment. They are installed only after the teeth have been fully aligned with the "soft" arches at the previous stage.

Despite this, after rigid arches are placed, the teeth may be stressed and there may be pain, similar to changing arches during the alignment phase.

In the rigid arc phase, our objectives are to:

  • correcting the depth of bite,
  • alignment of the lower and upper jaw if they are misaligned,
  • closing the spaces between teeth in case of tooth extraction, etc.

We would like to address this last task separately. Patients who have teeth extracted for treatment are often worried that the spaces from the extracted teeth are not closed in the first stage of treatment.

photo of bite correction after treatment with an orthodontist in Bagita Dentistry

7. Final stage of treatment

After we have aligned your teeth and corrected your bite, the orthodontist is ready to begin the final phase of treatment. At this point, we must ask for your help.

We are talking about elastics. As a rule of thumb, intermaxillary elastics should be used for 2-3 months at the end of treatment. Again, the better you help us, the better the final result will be.

orthodontic elastics for braces photo

Do not rush your orthodontist to remove your braces. We take it very seriously to ensure that your expectations of your treatment are realistic.

This is why we take a lot of time and care to coordinate all the important issues before braces are fitted. We understand that when you have a long way to go, you want to get your braces off as soon as possible. Believe us, we want the same thing and are not interested in delaying treatment in any way.

We always try to meet the agreed deadlines and will usually meet them if you have done your part, ie :

  • You have been careful with your braces during treatment and the number of bracket removals is normal (i.e. no more than 2-3 per treatment).
  • didn't miss any visits
  • wore your elastics well when we asked you to.
  • brushed your teeth well

If you have been doing your part well, then you will receive an excellent result on time as a gift for your efforts. If, however, you look back and honestly admit to yourself that your contribution to our common cause was not all that smooth, then we ask you to be sympathetic to possible delays in completing the treatment.

photo shows a patient's smile after having her bite corrected with braces by an orthodontist

In all cases, we try to complete the treatment within the agreed timeframe, however, we place a high priority on a quality result. The "extra" few months will be forgotten six months after the braces are removed, the compromise result will last a lifetime. since the treatment process is a joint endeavor with you, we are always ready to consider and discuss your thoughts and suggestions and find an option that suits both parties.


    • The final step is very important for the final result.
    • He needs your help - wearing elastics.
    • Orthodontist visits average once a month.
    • The time frame for completion of treatment is very dependent on your assistance in wearing braces, but is rarely less than the time specified in the plan. If treatment is delayed due to your failure to follow our recommendations, please accept this with understanding.
    • Trying to complete the treatment as soon as possible, we still put a good result above speed, as it will remain for life.

    8. Retention apparatus installation. Removal of braces

    When your treatment goals have been met, we are ready to remove your braces. This is usually accomplished in two visits:

    • 1) Removing braces

      The long awaited process. Removing braces can be slightly uncomfortable for some teeth, however, it literally takes a couple minutes. The most time will be spent removing the adhesive residue from your teeth and polishing the surface of your teeth. It is not painful. The visit takes about 1 hour. X-rays you took for diagnostic purposes before treatment may need to be taken. Taking impressions for a retention mouth guard. The fabrication time is 2 hours. The retention mouth guard must be worn during the day.

    • 2) Placement of a removable retention plate.

      The visit takes about 15 minutes. The removable retention appliance must be worn at night.

    on the photo orthodontic plates for bite correction in Cherkassy orthodontist in clinic Bagita

    You get the best orthodontic care possible.

    Why is it necessary to get braces?

    • 1. Beautiful teeth are first and foremost an indicator of your health. One of the causes of malocclusion is nasal breathing disorders in children due to adenoids.
    • 2. It is through a smile that we make people feel at ease. A beautiful, charming smile can become a business card for you and your child, both in the business world and in your personal life.
    • 3. Many bite and tooth position disorders can be corrected by orthodontic treatment. Currently, 15% to 20% of patients seeking orthodontic treatment are between 20 and 60 years of age.
    • 4. Formation of a correct bite is not only an aesthetic problem (tooth and jaw disease), but also the prevention of the development of various diseases of the nervous, digestive and respiratory systems.

    It is usually recommended to see an orthodontist for the first time at the age of 3-5 years - when the bite of the baby teeth is fully formed. An earlier consultation is also possible if the above situations exist. At this stage, the orthodontist may prescribe special orthodontic appliances to help wean the child from bad habits.

    the photo shows a child with an orthodontic plate for bite correction

    Contraindications for braces are categorized as special cases, as they occur in patients quite rarely and in a certain state of the body. Therefore, in most cases it is possible to solve the problem of contraindications by undergoing a certain treatment or choosing another method of bite correction. For a beautiful smile, we will always help you to find an effective treatment!

    • Lack of a large number of teeth
    • Diseases of the immune system (lupus, severe infectious diseases, polymyositis, hypoplasia of thymus and parathyroid glands).
    • Certain cancers.
    • Certain cardiovascular diseases.
    • Blood diseases (leukemia, lymphogranulomatosis, thalassemia, a variety of hemolytic anemias).
    • Severe pathologies of the immune system.
    • Certain diseases of the bone system when there is a low level of bone healing (osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, congenital osteopathy, various bone dysplasias).
    • Diseases of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, diseases of the adrenal glands, pituitary gland, hyper- and hypothyroidism, hyper- and hypoparathyroidism).
    • Tuberculosis.
    • Diseases of neuropsychiatric nature (schizophrenia, neuroses, psychoses, paranoia, epilepsy, dementia, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.).)
    • HIV, sexually transmitted diseases.

    If you have any doubts, consult our experts - we are always happy to help you!

    We will do everything we can to make you feel relaxed and confident, and enjoy visiting your orthodontist dentist.

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    Our equipment

    orthodontic dental equipment for diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion
    orthodontic dental equipment for computerized dental diagnosis
    X-rays for diagnosis and correction of malocclusion in dentistry

    At the Bagita Dental Clinic, which has a special license, treatment is performed in a separate, specially equipped operating room. In the operating room there are such devices as:

    • automatic blood pressure monitor;
    • pulse oximeter;
    • heart monitor;
    • anesthesia breathalyzer.
    • The Planmeca ProMax panoramic X-ray unit with cephalostat (SCARA-3) installed in the clinic is used to obtain panoramic and cephalometric images (TRG) and is the only one in Cherkassy region.
    There are no trifles for the body that can be forgotten!!!! When going to the doctor always inform him about diseases, ailments and intolerances of your body, because only in this case the specialist will be able to make a correct and balanced decision.

    Our clinic is the only private medical structure in Cherkassy region, which has received a license package for the right to use of general anesthesia for dental treatment of adults and children. Painless and comfortable treatment is ensured by the current "Treatment in Sleep" program.

    Our working principles

      • Personalized approach to each patient.This is the main rule of our clinic's activity. Our dentists observe the patient and his family members for a long time, which is the golden rule of family medicine.Our dental clinic is equipped with high-class diagnostic equipment, which allows us to perform diagnostics in the shortest possible time and make a personal treatment plan. In complex cases, decisions on a number of areas of dental treatment are made by a consilium of doctors. We offer the patient optimal and effective treatment for the absolute restoration of dental health and well-being.
    In the photo, a girl has her teeth treated by an orthodontist at the Bagita Clinic
      • Providing the greatest range of dental services possible.Application of materials and technologies, the effectiveness and safety of which is confirmed by the world dental practice. Expansion of the range of services of the clinic is carried out only after the doctors-dentists have undergone high quality retraining and study of new technologies.
      • Absolute cleanliness of operations and infection protection.Cleaning and sterilization technologies, the use of disposable instruments, disposable hygiene products, constant sanitary control of the premises and equipment and medical examinations of the staff completely exclude the possibility of infection.For this purpose, our clinic has its own sterilization department. We carefully monitor the cleanliness and sterility of equipment and devices, and comply with all infection prevention programs and requirements.
      • Guarantee for all works performed by us.You can have full confidence in the quality of our services and we guarantee it.Prices in our clinic is determined by the complexity of the work itself and the cost of the materials used.
      • Preserving naturalness and naturalness.We strive to preserve teeth and soft tissue as much as possible. To this end, we choose the most gentle treatment and surgical techniques possible.
      • Aesthetics of completed works.It is very important to us that after treatment, nothing prevents you from living life to the fullest and smiling openly. This can only be achieved by respecting the laws of aesthetics in dental restorations. When performing any work, we take into account not only the functionality of the tooth, but also gender, age, shape of the face, teeth, skin color and other characteristics necessary to artistically recreate the aesthetics of the tooth.
      • Patient comfort and convenience.In our clinic, we have tried to arrange everything so that before and after the appointment, patients have the opportunity to relax. The cordial attitude of the clinic staff and the opportunity to drink a cup of tea, helps a person to find inner peace. It is important for us to make our patients feel comfortable.

    Our goal is healthy, straight teeth!

    In the progressive 21st century, the field of orthodontics is rejoicing with new advancements every day. Bagita Dental Clinic utilizes the latest treatment techniques to serve and treat clients.

    Self-confidence, a genuine laugh, a wide smile - all this is possible thanks to the use of braces and bite correction. With us, you can realize your dream of perfectly straight teeth and a beautiful smile at any age!

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