Modern dentistry in Cherkassy

Today, the work of a dentist is a very difficult profession, as the specialist has the responsibility to treat and restore to the patient the beauty and health of his teeth.

The main, and most in-demand, sub-specialties of dentistry are oral surgeon, prosthodontist and orthodontist.

Dental treatment at Bagita Dental Clinic in Cherkassy

Each dentist deals with different dental treatment and restoration issues.

Dental surgeon

Surgical dentistry is responsible for performing surgeries related to maxillofacial injuries and pathologies, tooth extractions, and other treatments.

surgical dentistry at Bagita Clinic in Cherkassy

Orthopaedic dentist

An orthopedic dentist's job is to restore or replace (prosthetics) lost teeth. This includes placing crowns, dentures, bridges, and posts. Dental implantation is the most in-demand dental procedure in Cherkassy today.

artificial implant sample in dentistry for restoring a tooth row

Dentistry in Cherkassy is rapidly developing and can boast of specialists and dental clinics of European level that deal with dental problems, such as Bagita.


Most patients today don't just want dental treatment and restored dental health, they want an attractive smile. Thanks to an orthodontist, who is responsible for correcting the positioning of teeth in the dentition, patients can achieve a straight, beautiful smile. Thanks to the orthodontist's work, correcting tooth row helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

types of bite alignment mouth guards in dentistry

Modern scientific research and discoveries have made the ultrasonic teeth whitening service popular. Such biological whitening was developed by German scientists. Unlike chemical whitening, this method allows you to remove plaque and deposits without harming the enamel.

Dentistry in Cherkassy, like other medical specialties, requires constant improvement, application of the latest treatment methods, materials and equipment.

In dental clinic «Bagita» in Cherkassy work dentists of the highest category, who regularly take advanced training courses held in different parts of the world. Good dentist can only be a doctor who is ready to learn and constantly evolve, because there is no limit to perfection.